uapS participe à la troisième édition du Seoul Biennale d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme organisée par Dominique Perrault, intitulée «CROSSROADS, Building the Resilient City».

Pour notre participation à la Biennale de Séoul 2021, nous avons développé une installation interactive basée sur le concept du “ready-made”.

"For the past 22 years, uapS has applied the ready-made concept to elucidate a practice of appropriating urban typologies. The transposition of these typologies into new contexts generates potential for new urban configurations and uses. uapS’s ready-made collection constitutes an abundant and diverse database of urban typologies, constantly evolving and growing as we encounter new projects and territories.

The aim of the installation is to provoke interaction and include the spectator in the city-making process. The act of manipulating and distorting the ready-made showcases the ability of the city to adapt to disorder and change.

The ready-made introduces a third temporality in the notion of heritage vs modern. It exposes the unpredictable and the uncertain, unveiling the tension between the historic and the modern, projecting an absolute form, absolute but open, open to interpretation and appropriation.

Urban typologies cannot be considered without considering the potential uses it might offer or enable."

Le Biennale aura lieu du 16 septembre jusqu'au 10 octobre.
2021.09.16 - 10.31

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